Currently there are no guides for WinBolo. The best sources of information are the user manual. It is included in the distribution files or can be downloaded seperately in the download section. If you'd like to write a guide we would be more then happy to put it up.

For the definitive guide section on Bolo check out Bolo guides at the Official Bolo Homepage

Internet WinBolo Ettqiuette

This is taken from the Bolo Long FAQ about joining internet games but it applies equally to WinBolo.

2.7. Network Bolo Etiquette
Each tracker gives you a list of games. Only join games where you will be welcome, typically a relatively new tournament game that still has lots of neutral bases and not too many players, or any open games since those are usually intended as a free for all.

Follow these guidelines for joining games!

If there are no bases free and the game is more than a few minutes old... stay out. The game is already underway with set teams, and there is nothing you can do to contribute to the game.
Most importantly... if anybody asks you to leave, then it is common courtesy to do so immediately. Don't beg to be let in, or try to convince them you're not lagging. There is nothing that people despise more than an unwelcome interruption from a laggy player or odd man out.
Remember, if someone asks you to leave -- LEAVE. There are plenty of games out there. Join another one, or start your own game and wait for others to join you.

2.7.2 General rules of Bolo netiquette
When you first join a game, don't start playing immediately. Message the others and ask if they are waiting for more players, or see if they want to set up teams. For tournament games, usually somebody calls "ready.....go" to ensure a fair start. If it's rather obvious you've lost a game, concede the game before leaving. Don't just quit.
Cheating or hacking is not tolerated because Bolo is played against other people rather than a computer, so hacking would directly hurt another human player. If you cheat or hack, you will be identified very quickly, nobody will play with you, and your tracker access will be taken away. Do NOT ask for codes or hacks unless you enjoy being ridiculed. In the unlikely event that you do encounter hacking, confirm it with other players in the game and then report it to the newsgroup. Avoid excessively foul language or insults. We're all in the game to have fun, and many players these days are young children. Let's keep it clean.
The use of ping attacks to disconnect or crash modem users is not only rude but illegal under denial of service laws. Don't get angry at annoying idiots, just restart the game with a password to lock them out.
2.7.3 Bolo netiquette: be extra nice!

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