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Discord Server
Posted on:Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:28 am

Join the Discord server at https://discord.gg/hkxKS3r to chat with us!!


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New Voice Server
Posted on:Thu May 03, 2012 2:17 pm

Join us on our IRC chat!

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WinBolo 1.17 Released
Posted on:Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:00 pm

WinBolo 1.17 is now available for download.

Full change list can be found on the Wiki.

Thanks to Min, jhood and Sticks who are largely responsible for all the code that have gone into this new version.

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WinBolo 1.16 Released
Posted on:Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:54 am

WinBolo 1.16 is now available for download.

The most noticible change is that the game play has been changed to be closer to the original Bolo game. Full list of changes are as follow:

WinBolo and related utilities are now free software and released under the terms of the GPL version 2. For more information see: http://www.winbolo.org

Game Play

* A lot of changes were done to WinBolo's game play to make closer to the feel of bolo.
* Tank acceleration, deceleration and automatic slow down rates have been changed to match Bolo.
* When hit by a shell the tank now slides in the direction it has been hit rather than getting moved there straight away.
* Changes to the base regeneration of stocks algorithm. Bases now regenerate new stock at a rate of one unit per 20 seconds per player.
* Pillboxes now shoot slightly faster.
* The time between when a player dies and when they can restart has been changed to 7 seconds.
* Swamp now takes 4 shells to turn be destroyed.
* Tanks can no longer build underneath their boat.

* RSA public key encryption. To prevent players from compiling their own clients and exploiting cheats within the games source code a test is done on joining network games to ensure that only official clients can join official servers. For more information see the WinBolo wiki.
* Dedicated server: IP addresses are now displayed with incoming information request packets.
* Dedicated server: -autoclose flag no longer closes the server when all bases are taken.


* New game opening dialog.
* Static is now drawn on the screen when a player dies. Note this changes the skin file format and older skins will no longer work correctly. Skin authors will need to update their skins to work with 1.16.
* The scroll wheel can now be used to change the gun sight range.
* Fixes drawing problems on Windows Vista.
* Players behind a NAT firewall now have their IP address displayed correctly in the networking info dialog.
* Number of free pillboxes in a game is now displayed correctly in tracker game search window.
* A single road square in water now displays the water colour correctly.
* Fixed crash on network game startup from within the game client when the inbuilt map “Everard Island” is used. – Note: Starting a game server from within the client on Vista or newer operating system has been currently disabled. Please use the dedicated server to start games.

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Winbolo Source Code now Available
Posted on:Sat Dec 13, 2008 3:44 pm

The WinBolo source code is now available to download.

It can be downloaded from http://winbolo.googlecode.com or from http://www.winbolo.org

A wiki has been setup on http://www.winbolo.org

The source code includes the complete source code to WinBolo client & server, LinBolo client
& server, Tracker, Log viewer, WBN game ranking website, JBolo alpha/prototype,
WOME (CGI based map editor) and sample brains created.

A development forum has been setup.


From the top level readme:

Here is the complete source code to WinBolo client & server, LinBolo client
& server, Tracker, Log viewer, WBN game ranking website, JBolo alpha/prototype,
WOME (CGI based map editor) and sample brains created.

All source files code copyright 1998-2008 John Morrison and released under the
GNU GPL Version 2 except where noted. All graphic and sound files are copyright
1993 Stuart Cheshire.

Source code for WinBolo was taken from the 1.15 release possibly with additional

I had always stated my main reason for not open sourcing WinBolo is that I still
had things I wanted to work on. I said that I would consider releasing it when I
wasn't interested in working on it any more. I've never lost interest in working
on WinBolo, however as life goes on I have come to accept the fact I will never
have enough time to work on the things I wanted to. Rather then let the community
die due to inaction from me I have decided to release the source to WinBolo and
all WinBolo related things.

I started this project 10 years ago. The first WinBolo release was 9 years ago.
This was my second "real" sized project in C. (WBN was my first PHP application
as well) - The code is fairly easy to follow and commented. Hopefully this allows
others to pick up the project and continue with it, or use it as a learning tool.

I have started a wiki at http://www.winbolo.org/ with more information on the
design, network protocol and file formats. A list of project ideas are also
listed there.

Thanks to
Firstly: Stuart Cheshire

Those that contributed to the community in one way or another from testing,
hosting, running game servers, teaching others to play: Canuck, sheeps, Min, ten,
LRL, jhood, Nemokrad, Wonka, Killjoy, suicidjky and the everyone else I've

From the old days on #bolo: Jolo, Kax, Max, Mecca, Plastic Fist, Wharf Rat, Nix,
Wilfred Verkley, Canuck, db48, Min, sheeps.

VB play testing team: John Bettiol, Cameron Deane, Robert Dragoi, Adam Fawns,
Charles Henden, Jacqueline Stark, Nathan Keynes

GU play testing team: Todd Becker, Daniel Everton, Luke Morton, Cameron McNiel,
Ben Muller, Daniel Thomas.

And finally all the players past and present.

John Morrison

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